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Skepchick Quickies 5.18

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  1. Sometimes I feel as if the Skeptical movement is too focused on science related topics. The article, “Texas’s war on history,” is a good example of why humanities need to be a part of the movement as well. I applaud the Skeptical Humanities blog (and realize I need to read it more often).

  2. The Texan war on history is apalling.

    It demonstrates what happens when religious zealots get in power and abuse it in such fashion.

    Someone should read the First Amendment to these asshats.
    Read it loud and proud.
    And repeat it until they either get the idea behind it or go insane.

    On a related subject, does anyone know where to find an article that debunks the notion of the United States being a Christian Nation?
    So far, I haven’t been able to spot one.
    It’d make a nice subject for this site, if one hasn’t been written already.

  3. Amanda,

    Thanks for linking to that story about the religious right is doing in Texas, involving US history text books. We need to defend history from pseudohistory, just as we must defend science from pseudoscience. I let all of my followers know about it on Twitter, and I mentioned you by the way.

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