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Unite Against the War on Women


Sort of late notice, but I just wanted to remind you all that today is the day that women and men are marching in cities around the US to protest the Religious Right’s War on Women. Find out about events near you here. Unrelated anti-anti-caturday video after the jump!

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  1. Come now Rebecca… I expected better out of a so called "Skeptic" website to give itself over to teh Democrat Party's bogus "War on Women". Do you take your "talking points" straight from the White House or do the filter their dirty money through George Soros. Why don't you go ahead and change your website to "Liberal-chick" dot-com so we all know that you're really just a front for re-electing "Dear Leader" . </sarcasm>
    Check out the comments at Daylight Atheism's post on this same subject for why I felt the need to say this… now I'm going to go scrub my brain with whiskey…
    Seriously… sarcasm… really.

  2. Why do they have to have you log into Facebook to see the events?
    Not everyone has it and not everyone wants it!
    I feel I'm behind enemy lines, if not a POW, in the war against women, being that I live in a house of religous conservitives (the type that see the Catholic church as being victimized, to boot).
    And that the ones in the house that often participate in the war against women are women (my aunt and grandmother).
    Quite a quandry, I think.
    What is one to do?
    Lead the fight, Rebecca. And long live the fighters!

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