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A Change in Focus

Over the years, Skepchick has covered science and skepticism from a distinctly female perspective. This plan has seen varying levels of success, but in the past year it’s been increasingly difficult to address the issues that are important to us when the vast majority of skeptics simply aren’t interested. We’ve seen your feedback: “Women’s reproductive health isn’t science!” “Where are my Bigfoot updates?” And most commonly: “What about the men?”

We want you to know that we take that feedback seriously, and as such, starting tomorrow we will make a concerted effort to focus more on men’s issues which we had previously ignored. Topics like the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine used for impotence, football superstitions, the rights of men to financially abort children, and the exact size of Bigfoot’s penis.

This wasn’t a singular, top-down decision that I made, I assure you. All the Skepchicks have agreed that this is the best course of action.

“I have decided that my artwork has been too gender specific and will be releasing a line of multicolor truck-nut Surlies in early spring,” said Surly Amy. She also pointed out that Mad Art Lab will follow Skepchick‘s lead, and if female artists will not focus on life drawing (read: nude paintings) as art they will be asked to reduce their posting privileges to commenter.

Maria also had some time to reflect on her past anti-male writings. “For me, the epiphany came when I stopped focusing so much on Bella in the Twilight movies and really started looking more deeply at the characters that mattered, i.e. the ones with penises. The reality is that Bella’s blank, vacuous personality is an ideal support structure for the men in her life, which is really what people want to read about anyway. I mean, she’s pretty. And that’s what matters.”

“I give up,” said Elyse. “If babies are too stupid to get themselves vaccinated then that’s their own damn problem. I really want to see more men in positions of power and more male role models portrayed in the media. Why should women have all the power and attention?”

Obviously this is a part of the extended, neverending fallout from “Elevatorgate,” a term that, along with “Rebecunt Twatson,” I’ve come to find actually quite witty and not at all tired and/or misogynistic. In fact, part of our restructuring includes extending an invitation to the unknown alpha male who asked me to come to his hotel room for coffee at 4am. Note that I no longer refer to this as a “proposition,” as I’ve finally come to realize that he probably really did just want me alone in his hotel room to sip coffee, and even if he wanted to have sex with me I should have just been flattered because I’m hideous.

I’m sure there are a few uppity feminazis who will find this change to be distressing. To them I say, “Hey, you’re probably just on your period. Have some chocolate!” Thanks to those men out there who have worked tirelessly to help me understand that jokes like that are super funny. Make me a sandwich! Ha ha.

Happy April, everyone!

Rebecca Watson :Rebecca leads a team of skeptical female activists at Skepchick.org. She travels around the world delivering entertaining talks on science, atheism, feminism, and skepticism. There is currently an asteroid orbiting the sun with her name on it. You can follow her every fascinating move on Twitter or on Google+.

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  • Bigfoot's penis size? I get e-mail with that information every day.
    What we really need is inside gossip on how women control the world. I mean, for example, it took 10 whole years (1993 to 2003) before Take Our Daughters To Work Day got renamed Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day (though boys got included before 2003) but only 132 years (1788 to 1920) for women to get the vote. WHO WILL THINK ABOUT THE MENZ???

  • This morning my husband signed my permission slip to continue writing for Skepchick. I'm very excited that I'm allowed to be a part of this manly rollout.

  • Thank you for your recent interest in Surly-Ramics Truck-Nuts™. I have asked permission from my husband and my next door neighbor. Both men say it's cool so production is underway. Please expect delivery in 8 to 12 months. 

  • This is an increibly crass post, very disappointing and yet not surprising.
    And I thought that it was Ophelia Benson that coined Rebecunt Twatson?

    • I know you must be kidding but for real I can't understand what you're trying to say.

      • Haha, yes joking... it's hard to tell these days isn't it!
        And my mistake, it was Rebitchka that Ophelia invented, not Rebecunt.

  • Hey, everyonoe knows big foot = big penis and truck nuts = small penis. But what I really want to know is how a vampire with no blood pressure is able to achieve, let alone maintain, an erection. Marie?  

    • That differs between different authors, but I think it's roughly divided into: A) Vampires need to suck blood to get a blood pressure, so can only get erect right after feeding, and B) Vampires are magic! You can accept they're _alive_ without having a heartbeat, but you can't accept they get boners?

      • Trust me.  It all sounds really romantic, and she has that sexy accent and a smooth line of talk, but when you sweep her up in your arms and she's as cold as the grave......bbbrrrrr.

        • Thanks Brian, I'll have to remember that! And it reminded me of one of my least memorable movie moments in "Contact" when that flying snow man landed on the beach right in front of Jody Foster and she mistook Frosty for an advanced alien entity masquerading as her father.

          • Jacob, stand still. I'm trying to download your memories. I've been doing it this way for thousands of years.

  • I know this topic is tongue in cheek fun, but on a more serious note I want to share how Skepchick have influenced me. 
    When I first came across the site I was looking for articles on skepticism.  At first blush, the site was what I was looking for.  However, I soon became annoyed by all the feminist themes.  I wasn’t looking for a feminism site; I wanted skepticism.   One would think I would just leave the site and never come back, but unbeknownst to me, you had me hooked.
    I kept coming back for more.  I still read the site 3-4 days a week.  Over time your message has sunk in.   I was never misogynistic (I don’t think), I was more, hmmm… “oblivious” is the word I am searching for. 
    Your work has educated me on the issues, and I am a better person for it.  I still have to scratch my head from time to time to understand some of the more subtle points of view, but I usually get it and agree.
    Thanks for helping open my eyes to the issues; keep up the good work.

  • Ha! Love it. I am curious what percetnage of the audince will miss the hillarious satrire. I assume it ios a small number, but sadly I dount it's zero. 

  • I remember a time when I first started reading about sexism in geek culture and skepticism - my knee jerk reaction was along the lines of "No way 'we' are not like that!" I would look at those close to me (primarily that is what geek culture meant to me), read blogs and watch vlogs thinking “See, we are totally the good guys on this!”
    Then one day something terrible happened - I started reading comments.
    I realized that on all of the vlogs I watched I could not scroll down more than three lines before reading some rating of any  female  authors hot-or-notness. Needless to say this does not occur when  men post.
    Sure, they both get the lackwits and revolting trolls, but the volume and direction slapped on females is unmistakable...
    WTF world?