Skepchick Quickies, 3.12

Photo of a cat's head superimposed on a scientist in a lab
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By Jen
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  1. Avatar of dashwood

    It's a relief to see that the cat scientists appear to be decades behind their human counterparts.

  2. Avatar of Siveambrai

    Well I hope it works out better for the kids at intel than it did for certain other child wizzes!

  3. Avatar of Skepotter

    Yes. The cat scientists appear to be decades behind. But, I ask you, who posted the photos?
    As any cat lover knows, cats have an innate ability to feign innocence.

  4. Avatar of criticaldragon1177

    Those "cat scientists" are hilarious!

  5. Avatar of GeekGirlsRule

    For a second I thought you would be talking about the wife of a geneticist I used to work with, who is a PhD in, I think, Animal Behavioralism or the appropriate actual term is.  Her research involved spoiling the shit out of a lab full of cats. 
    I do that too, only it's not called research.  It's just called "home."

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