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MAL’S OWN VICTOR AT THE REASON RALLY (cross post from Mad Art Lab)


Victor, Mad Art Labber Victor, spoke at the Reason Rally last weekend in DC. I am sad to have missed this… because he was incredible.

And I'm a little intimidated to talk about how amazing this is because I don't know if my little blogger words can do justice to Victor's inspiring poet words. In under 5 minutes, he delivered one of the most powerful speeches I've heard advocating for non-believers.



Love you, Victor! On behalf of everyone at MAL and Skepchick, I want to say that we are incredibly proud of you and to have you on our team.

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  1. Mikey, my three-year-old son, when I finished watching this: "Mommy, why you crying?  You have an owie?"
    Me: "No, baby.  I'm just happy."
    Mikey: "Why?"
    Me: "Well, I think things are going to be a lot easier for you than they were for me."
    Mikey: <long pause> "Can I have some gummies?"
    I think he gets it.

  2. "Children should be taught to think critically about what they hear, what they see, and what they believe."–this one really hit home for me. Think I got a little something in my eye!

  3. Beautiful. Normally, the wind noise and low sound quality would have stopped me about 10 seconds into a video like that (wish there was a transcript), but I couldn't stop listening. I wish there were a lot more people like Victor out there.

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