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Christmas Quickies For You


A very special extra set of Quickies, direct from Miniature Red Polar God.  Happy Monkey!

As for myself, getting to write for this awesome blog has been the best gift a girl could ask for. Thank you all so much for your support and kind comments over the past six weeks! If I never have another year as great as this one has been, I’ll still consider myself lucky beyond words. Wherever you are, whatever winter holidays you are or aren’t celebrating, I hope this message finds you warm, happy and loved.


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    • Heh. But really, what could I possibly tell you about shoes that you don’t already know? Other than the immense nuisance of being a size 12, meaning I can only shop at embarrassing specialty stores like the not-subtly-named Long Tall Sally on Thurlow street (which I like to imagine as Turlough street).

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