CFI Leadership Conference 2011 — High School Activism

CFI Leadership Conference 2011 — High School Activism

High school sophomore Jessica Ahlquist (CFI’s new Volunteer High School Coordinator) was incredible at the CFI Student Leadership conference this year. Check out the video of the panel she led, which also included Harrison Hopkins, Damon Fowler, and Zack Kopplin.

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    I’d like to say that they were all incredible.

    Wish I was that active in High School.

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    Cool video. Worth watching.

    I too wish I was active in High School. Shit, I wish I was that active now.

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    These kids are awesome.

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    More angrily religious. Religion is a matter of free conscience you can’t bully people into believing something.

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    Well…that’s something. I’ve followed Jessica’s case, somewhat. Interesting things happen when case law is introduced like Lemon vs Kurtzman. Everything goes from clear cut to muddy water in the blink of an eye.

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