Time’s Running Out!

The fundraising effort for SkepchickCON and Jahwar Amber Humanist Trust Fund (JAF) is going well. Our generous donor offered to match any $50 and $75 donations dollar for dollar up to $500 for one week with special thank you gifts (details here). Apparently the wonderful community here just can’t pass up a good deal and the response has been gratifying. As of today we’ve gotten $500 in donations eligible for matching. The thank you gifts are being readied for the ten kind, thoughtful, attractive and intelligent donors who have jumped on this deal. The limit for doubling  your donation has been reached, but you can still get the thank you gifts through Sunday, May 8 at Midnight. Click on the handy dandy widget in the sidebar and help us reach out to people who don’t even know they’re skeptics yet and support skeptics in Kenya. Please do it today before the offer ends!!


Kammy is an atheist/skeptic, mom, wife, knitter and gamer. She steals the covers and complains when the weather is too cold (or too hot). Perpetually short on sleep, she likes a cocktail in the evening, and is frequently appalled at the junk people believe. She hogs the conversation at parties if you let her. You can follow her on Twitter as Procrastinatrx.

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