Skepchick Quickies 5.10


Amanda is a science grad student in Boston whose favorite pastimes are having friendly debates and running amok.

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  1. Ten great zingers…
    No. 10 Lewis Thomas:
    ” The capacity to blunder slightly is the real marvel of DNA. Without this special attribute, we would still be anaerobic bacteria and there would be no music.”

    I love it.

  2. I like “This isn’t right. This isn’t even wrong!” I get so many questions during a day that are framed so poorly… when I’m not telling people how to print, I’m trying to figure out what the hell they actually want.

  3. “Einstein, don’t tell god what to do.”

    That’s great. Looking behind the curtain at the relationships between these Big Names is a lot of fun. They respected each other, yeah, but they probably gave each other a lot of shit, too.

  4. While I tend to trust Scientology about as far as I can throw a “thetan”, I wonder how some of the Republican lawmakers objecting to this would react if this was a “Bible-based” morality and ethics program.

    In any case, if schools are having problems funding music, the arts, athletics and a myriad other programs that help build character and good citizenship, how is it they might have money left over for morality lessons from a UFO cult?

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