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New Video! Venom Fang X and the Argument from Popularity


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  1. Whilst watching this video, I BELIEVED with all my might that Rebecca would remove her robe at the end Venom Fang X didn’t exist, and sure enough, she *didn’t.* he *does*.Therefore, God doesn’t exist.


  2. In general, the problem with the argument from popularity isn’t that it is fallacious but rather that it in general gives such weak evidence that any other evidence is orders of magnitude more relevant. This is all the more severe when we have multiple plausible explanations for why the beliefs in question would develop without any external impetus.

    Incidentally, when did VenomFangX reappear? His last disappearance seem to last for a while. Does that mean we’re back to the usual cycle? I wonder when we’ll get to the bogus DMCA takedown notice stage. That was fun.

  3. Aside from your objections, for Venom Fang X to be able to derive the probability of God’s existence from the fact people believe in him, he would need an estimate of the unconditional probability of God’s existence and the unconditional probability of belief in God.

    Bayes Fail.

  4. 1. Belief in freedom is highly likely in a world where freedom exist.

    2. Belief in freedom is an abnormality/anomaly and highly unlikely in a world where freedom does not exist.

    3. ???

    4. Profit!!

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