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The big astrology news provided much opportunity for you commenters to flex your snark. Here are your multiple comments o’ the week:

From davew:

@Skept-artist: Another time, in conversation, a woman said to her ‘I can’t stand Virgos’ to which my wife said ‘well I’m a Virgo’. The woman stammered for a moment and said ‘well you don’t seem like one’.

I solved this problem years ago. When someone asks me what my sign is I say “greater than”.


From Exarch:

@IBY: Huh, it seems like my sign didn’t change at all. I was Leo, and still Leo.

Leos are known to be very resistant to change


On other topics, here’s Glow-Orb:

Comparing the forced and coerced polygynous (no polyandry in FLDS), often underage marriages to a freely-entered polyamorous relationship is like comparing priest molestation to a consenting gay relationship.


And Zyphane:

@Madfishmonger: I’d care more if English wasn’t a mongrel language that picks through other people’s garbage for loose bits of grammar.


Happy Friday, everyone!

Rebecca Watson

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