Let This Man Sing You Your Horoscope

It’s all explained in the intro, but basically the guys from the Found Footage Show got hold of this amazing cable access show in which a tuxedoed man sings twelve songs he wrote, each one about an astrological sign. He even brought his own interpretative dancer.

“Liba Liba Libra Liba Liba Lib Lib the extremes of life are all around.”
-Harvey Sid Fisher

Astrology Songs

Thanks to Sam for bringing this to the attention of the rest of the Skepchicks.

EDIT: Oh god why didn’t I link to his YouTube channel, which has tons more amazing Zodiac goodness?! Fuck it, I’m posting these after the jump.

Here’s a longer sampler:

Here’s all of Libra, which maybe is my favorite because I’m a Libra and also because it’s hilarious:

“Don’t want the raggedy, the cheap or the shoddy. I like to take good care of my body.”

“I’ll make love by the numbers. I don’t get bored of routine.”

“I am in love with you, manatee, it’s just some people I cannot stand*.”
-everyone else

*I swear that’s what I heard the first five times

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