Deconstructing a British Tabloid

Remember the video about The Daily Mail? Well, here’s another adorable and clever English fellow tearing apart a crappy “news” rag: this time, it’s CharlieIsSoCoolLike on Heat magazine:

Seriously, subscribe to him. He’s fabulous and he’s a skeptic and Stephen Fry does his outro!

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca leads a team of skeptical female activists at She travels around the world delivering entertaining talks on science, atheism, feminism, and skepticism. There is currently an asteroid orbiting the sun with her name on it. You can follow her every fascinating move on Twitter or on Google+.

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  1. A young person more interested in politics than entertainment news? Obviously a fraud as this is *not* the image of young people that the Daily Mail tells me – he’s not even wearing a hoodie.

  2. Charlie Brooker on so-called ‘Real Life’ magazines:

    Heat is a seriously creepy read though. People look at the photo and think ‘ooh look it’s Tess Daly’ or whatever, forgetting that if you could see the wider picture you’d see a fat ugly bloke shoving his camera in their face.
    Celebrities should be allowed to chase paparazzi, and if they catch them they’re allowed to smash their camera. It would make the pictures more interesting, anyway.

  3. By a totally weird coincidence, I just watched one of his videos on YouTube last night after doing a search for “acapella duets”. Had never heard of Charlie before then, and now to see him today on Skepchick? Definitely a WTF moment!

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