Jon Ronson Interview at TAM London

New day, new interview from TAM London! I’ve been a fan of Jon Ronson’s since I first heard him on This American Life several years ago, after which I immediately bought Them: Adventures with Extremists and watched every documentary of his I could find and tried to convince all my friends to do the same. It’s so unbelievably cool that I had the chance to hang out with him at TAM London and do a quick interview with my co-host Neil Denny of Little Atoms.

Our interview with Jon will appear on Little Atoms and The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, but here it is on Skepchick in a slightly less censored format, complete with an aside about a man in the audience who randomly called Jon a cunt during the Q&A with Simon Singh.

Listen here, or on the Skepchick feed on iTunes.

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