A New Season of Mr. Deity!

Wooohoo! I’m so happy Mr. Deity is back. Enjoy episode 1 of season 3: Mr. Deity and the Virgin.

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Rebecca Watson

Rebecca leads a team of skeptical female activists at She travels around the world delivering entertaining talks on science, atheism, feminism, and skepticism. There is currently an asteroid orbiting the sun with her name on it. You can follow her every fascinating move on Twitter or on Google+.

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  1. Oh jeez I forgot about Mr Deity after the first season! I was waiting for it to continue and it just never seemed to happen, then it must have just slipped by me.

    Looks like I have some entertaining catching up to do!

  2. Awesome! Saw the vid earlier this afternoon, and it looks like it’s up to the usual standard.

    Kel – you mean you don’t know about season 2? They did a stint over at (with their very annoying website). Not sure what the story is, but they’re back to being independent – and begging for money at the end of the video.

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