Skepchick Quickies 3.10


Amanda is a science grad student in Boston whose favorite pastimes are having friendly debates and running amok.

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  1. The how to rot dead bodies article was neat. Back in the day, I did (ok, helped with) a study on rabbit femurs, and we hired out a flesh eating beetle colony to do the dirty work for us. Within a week we had clean bones with no damage back. I don’t know how it happened, all I know is that it was awesome.

  2. I work as a land surveyor and, in my boundary work, I find a lot of skeletons (I also do construction which nets fossils, but I digress). I have a pretty good collection, including a complete cow spine, and I really enjoy putting them together, but I don’t think I have the stomach to collect them while they’re still “fresh.”

  3. The psychic lady was just a few miles from my house. I remember when she first got arrested! Glad she’s going to the big house. Now there are about 50 MORE ‘psychics’ near here that need the same treatment…

  4. I hope the D.A. in San Mateo is proud of himself. He’s just killed this woman’s two husbands.

    Here’s the one thing skeptics don’t seem to ever be able to understand: Skepticism makes the spirits go away. With this simple fact in hand, one might think that you’d approach psychic power with a more open-minded attitude.

    As far as the money goes, here’s a cold hard fact: The CEO of Wal-Mart makes 47 million dollars a week. Yet you don’t see anyone complaining about that, or throwing him in prison. Maybe nobody disbelieves in his abilities.

    Instead of being so snarky and self-righteous, maybe some of you should try going to a real psychic with real psychic power sometime. Spend a little money and throw away your skepticism for a little while.

    I personally let the spirits themselves decide what you should pay for a session. I can’t quote you off the top of my head, but I do know that impending death prayers run pretty steep at times. I don’t know about you, but I value life more than money!

  5. @Psychic_Ed: ALERT!!! Psychic intrusion in Skepchick! Brain-spam detected. Close all minds! :-D Privacy alarms on. Mental-scanning shields activated, everybody in Fox News mode.

    Psychic_Ed, I’ve tried to access your webpage but your picture kicked me off :-D Don’t you have a more intelligence-friendly metamorphosis that human beings can look at?

    Now seriously, I’ve tried to find a real psychic but, but they all seem to be fake! :-D

    A recommendation, if I may: mind-read me, find out any of my email addresses, send me an email and I will free all the spirits that I am holding in my intestine :-D

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