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  1. I wonder why DMT (dimethyltryptamine) was not mentioned in the article as being a possible cause of near death experiences. It apparently is naturally present in people’s (and animal’s) brains in small amounts, and has been reported as being the most powerful hallucinogen in the world, and I have heard it posited before many times as a possible reason for NDE’s. The Strassman studies are particularly interesting, as he was able to study DMT’s effect on people in controlled settings, and the results were interesting. All his subjects said that their experiences – their hallucinations – seemed incredibly real, and a lot of their lives were changed afterwards (sounds similar to what has been reported after a NDE). Of course, it is now a controlled substance, which unfortunately restricts more studies from being done on it. So, maybe some people just literally “trip balls” before they die. Just a thought.

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