Of pies, prophets, and tarsiers

So I was checking out the incoming links to Skepchick, as I am wont to do. And what should I come across but the best story about having an inappropriate conversation in public EVER. I don’t want to spoil it but I will say that the conversation was about this video at Pandagon about Texas sex toy laws which I posted about in a previous Quickies.

And to round things out, here’s a video of dramatic!Tarsier found via Zooillogix. I feel like the tarsier’s experession goes well with the above story.

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  1. Avatar of Kimbo Jones

    Best story ever.

  2. Avatar of Rav Winston

    I miss Molly Ivans!

  3. Avatar of

    Stupid Kimbo… stealing my comment… :P

  4. Avatar of Kimbo Jones


  5. Avatar of

    *shakes fist* I’ll get you, Gadget… Next time!

  6. Avatar of Rav Winston

    “Missed her by –THAT– much….”

  7. Avatar of Rebecca Watson

    Oh, my. Dramatic Tarsier made me lol.

  8. Avatar of JOHNEA13

    Don’t watch it too much; it is attempting to hypnotize you.

  9. Avatar of MAJeff

    That tarsier is way better than the dramatic ground hog.

  10. Avatar of Kimbo Jones

    I dunno, MAJeff… This one has that subtle cuteness factor building up to an air of dignity in ridiculousness, but the groundhog has the element of surprise and that sinister, mocking grin. What is he plotting behind those eyes?

    And you just can’t beat that camera work…

  11. Avatar of porlob

    Wow. I feel all famous. Thanks for the linkback! :)

  12. Avatar of MAJeff

    Kimbo, there both going to be incorporated into my repertoire.

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