New York City! August 11!


Voorhees Auditorium, New York City College of Technology, 186 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY!

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe (including yours truly) will be putting on a live broadcast, and then probably drinking eating, cavorting, what-have-you. Come! Have fun! Be skeptical!

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca leads a team of skeptical female activists at She travels around the world delivering entertaining talks on science, atheism, feminism, and skepticism. There is currently an asteroid orbiting the sun with her name on it. You can follow her every fascinating move on Twitter or on Google+.

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  1. Curse my lack of funds, curse the high price of airfare, curse this Film Studies MA program, and curse this rain-soaked island upon which I'm imprisoned until September!!!

    (In other words, I'd so be there if I weren't all up in London. Still. Consarnit.)

  2. Joshua, only one couch, alas. However, room might be made, if you don't mind a sleeping bag on the floor. You and Blake Stacey should click my name and go to my LJ profile for contact email. Anybody else…sorry, two is my limit!

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