A very sad day for humanism.

I just found out that Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine was killed in a car accident while vacationing with his partner in Morocco. I mentioned Rabbi Wine a few months ago after seeing him for the first time at the Harvard Humanist Conference — he was one of the most engaging and exciting speakers I’ve ever seen. He single-handedly convinced me that humanism is a positive and necessary community. In fact, shortly after he spoke I was on stage as part of a panel, and when asked to give a background of myself I said I was first a Baptist, then an atheist/agnostic, and now I was once again interested in converting — to humanistic Judaism.

I feel so lucky to have had the chance to see and talk with Rabbi Wine, and at the same time I feel an incredible sadness that more people won’t get that experience, too. I don’t even know what to say. Here’s a link with more info. Thanks to Becky Robinson for letting me know.

Rebecca Watson

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  1. I heard the news when I got to work this morning. Greg Epstein (Harvard Humanist Chaplain) had sent out the announcement. It is indeed a sad day.

    I had heard about Sherwin Wine for years, and feel now very fortunate to have met him at the conference. It's a great loss.

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